Holistic Hair Care Trends For Top Hair Products

holistic hair care products

Holistic Hair Care products are a trending topic in the health and wellness space.  We at hbl Hair Care are always priding ourselves on staying ahead of the trends in the industry.  So much so that when people use any of our line of hbl products, we give back! A percentage of the profits earned from hbl® hair care is given to the Patrick Dockry Health Beauty and Life Foundation. We believe in giving back. Our founder, Patrick Dockry has made it his mission to contribute to organizations close to his heart while making a difference.

We wanted to share with everyone some trends we are seeing in the holistic hair care space. Beauty & Personal care is a very broad category, but quality hair care continues to be our main focus at hbl and specifically holistic hair care products.  People are becoming more and more concerned about the products they are putting on their hair, the ingredients they contain and following proper testing standards.  We never test on animals only hair dressers.

The main difference that our hair products possess compared to alternative products is that it’s not all about what our hair products contain that make the hbl difference but it’s what we leave OUT of our products that make them unique and special.

hbl hair care takes a holistic approach using the finest quality ingredients while never sacrificing performance. Our gentle pH stable formulas provide deeper cleansing, conditioning and styling, all while focusing on maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the hair.  Even if the hair has been colorized or chemically processed hbl hair care is the better choice compared to the average holistic shampoo or conditioner.

The hbl hair treatment oil is one of the better hair care products on the market today. It possesses a blend of premium oils which reduces drying time, eliminates frizz and helps to lock in moisture while blocking out humidity.

Here is a quick video on the hbl holistic hair care products

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All out best- hbl

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  1. Brenda Albeño says:

    Hi. I love HBL Leave in conditioner but I cannot find at any of the places where it used to be sold. Has it been discontinued? If so, do you have another product to replace it?

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