holistic shampoo and conditioner hbl is perfect for summer

holistic shampoo and conditioner

Summer is here so it’s time to get your hair Summer ready today with our holistic shampoo and conditioner! Have you heard the latest summer trend for holistic hair care? If you haven’t heard of hbl hair care then today is your lucky day. HBL is a premium, high performance line of pH balanced and stable hair care products that offers healthy ingredients for healthy hair.

All hbl products are pH balanced to work with the body’s natural acid mantel balance, the body’s first line of defense. Free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, soy, sulfur, colorants, and Propylene Glycol, this holistic, virtually allergen free hair care system is gentle on hair and skin.

hbl shampoos delicately cleanse without opening the cuticle, stripping color, or damaging fragile hair while deeply restorative conditioners and treatments soothe and soften hair leaving strands shiny and touch-ably silky. Also, with hbl, less is more. Super concentrated, there is no need to use a lot of product, which adds more value to this benefit-packed line.
“With hbl, it’s what we leave out that gives you such beautiful results,” states hbl President and Co-Founder Patrick Dockry. “We’ve always created products based on what nature intended with pH balanced and stable formulations that are gentle on hair and skin. Using new technology, we’re proud to offer holistic formulas with increased performance for this much-anticipated re-launch.”

The hbl line consists of eight cleansing, conditioning and treatment products designed to provide gentle, color safe solutions for all hair care needs. On today’s blog post we will be featuring our holistic shampoo and conditioner.

hbl Hydrate Shampoo 
Perfectly Balanced @ pH 5.0-6.0
hbl Hydrate Shampoo adds intense hydration and leaves all hair types with incredible shine and softness with a delicate South African Rooibos Tea fragrance. This formula combines botanical extracts and strengthening ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize hair while keeping strands in perfect balance.
Coconut derivatives gently cleanse hair while Tamarind extract revitalizes and hydrates. Keratin amino acids repair and strengthen, silk protein seals and adds shine, and Guar extract gently softens strands. Panthenol and Pea Peptide work to promote thicker, fuller hair.
Available in 10oz and liter sizes, hbl Hydrate Shampoo retails for $22.95 and $56.95.

Hydrate Shampoo

hbl Hydrate Conditioner
Perfectly Balanced @ pH 3.5-4.5
A perfect follow up to hbl Hydrate Shampoo, hbl Hydrate Conditioner adds intense hydration and leaves all hair types with incredible shine and softness with a delicate South African Rooibos Tea fragrance.
Key ingredients in hbl Hydrate Shampoo include Keratin amino acids, which work to repair and strengthen hair and cetyl esters for smoothness. Citric acid offers chelating benefits while Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant. Green Tea extract also offers antioxidant and anti-aging properties and is a great source of Panthenol, a naturally hydrating form of Pro-Vitamin B.
Available in 10oz and liter sizes, hbl Hydrate Conditioner retails for $24.95 and $61.95.

Hydrate Conditioner

Check out our latest hbl hair care commercial.

Have a great Summer everyone and be sure your hair is Summer ready with hbl.

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