Hair treatment oil is perfect for hot summer hair

hair treatment oil
hair treatment oil

Summer is now in full swing and having great looking hair starts with hbl hair care. In today’s post, we wanted introduce you to our featured summer product our hair treatment oil. With an extraordinary blend of premium oils hbl Treatment Oil is designed to dramatically reduce drying time while eliminating frizz.

hbl Treatment Oil contains Argan oil, which is a nutrient-rich, nourishing and emollient oil with healing, moisturizing, regeneration, anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s rich in Vitamin E, oleic and linoleic acids. Beta-carotene is also an important ingredient, which provides an abundant source of Vitamin A with rich anti-oxidant properties. Beta-carotene is necessary for tissue repair and maintenance and accelerates the formation of healthy new skin cells.

With a delicate cucumber melon scent, this treatment oil locks in moisture while blocking out humidity leaving hair touch-ably soft and ultra glossy. It also adds some protection from high humidity to lock in moisture and hydration.

Hbl hair care is trending in the hair care space and lately we have been seeing fashion models, lifestyle bloggers, and beauty advocates sporting their summer looks with hair care products by hbl. We couldn’t be happier! Featured in the photo above is influencer & model Elizabeth Bert from NYC. She has been keeping her hair shiny, silky and smooth using hbl hair care for a few years now.

Also, check out German Native living in Los Angeles Nina V AKA @german_blondy on Instagram’s review of our hbl hair care line here —>
She did a great review of some of our most popular products and we encourage you to check it out. Don’t take our word for it that our products are great, listen to influencers who do full hair products reviews & share their story about hbl hair care.

The 3.4 oz bottle of hbl Treatment Oil retails for only $32.95. Get your hands on this amazing product NOW so your Summer hair is fully protected while you’re hitting the latest hot spot.

Treatment Oil

Have a great Summer everyone and be sure your hair is Summer ready with hbl.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Long, black and shiny hair is the dream of every woman. However, in spite of working so much on hair one might not be able to get natural shine and look for hair.

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